Telefone Sem Fio (2)


Photo I took on the opening night of the Telefone Sem Fio show I am participating in at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, 323 W. 39th St., NYC, a tribute to Brazilian concrete poet Augusto De Campos.

From the EFA website:

Thessia Machado, performing as link, will do a short solo with 'synf on the radio'. Synf is an analog synthesizer of her own design that combines 3 oscillators and a divider chip... For this performance its signal will be beamed through a radio transmitter to a portable radio, making it go through a series of translations and modulations.

Jennifer Schmidt's work is in the background, screenprints interpreting/responding to Augusto De Campos' poetry. On the floor is a piece by Brendan Fernandes, translating a Morse Code ("SOS") animation of De Campos'.