"Chorus of Angles I-II"

"Chorus of Angles I" [mp3 removed]

"Chorus of Angles II" [mp3 removed]

Similar to the piece "Noise Gospel," some wav file recordings of a strange vocal-ish Doepfer patch I made were loaded into the Reaktor Krypt sample map, for granularization and triggering by the Krypt sequencer. The sequencer plays notes intended to trigger another set of samples, so it was a matter of listening to a bunch of patterns and finding groups that sounded good with these particular wavs. The patterns were then arranged into a songs.

The digital sounds seemed harsh to me so I recorded each song two more times using the Mutator filter, then overlayed (stacked) the original and each of the Mutated versions as simultaneous tracks and mixed them down to a single wav file. Slight variations in the files may create a chorus or fattening effect. Whatever subtleties are there are probably lost in the final "maximization to CD gain levels."