"Doepfer A-112 Wavetable Demos 1-2"

"Doepfer A-112 Wavetable Demo 1" [mp3 removed]

"Doepfer A-112 Wavetable Demo 2" [mp3 removed]


The Doepfer A-112 sampler module has two modes, sampler and wavetable. You can record audio as an 8 bit sample and play it back as a wavetable--a type of synthesis where graphic waveform snippets are cycled and used as an oscillator. In both of these examples I sampled a melodic patch played by the mini-synth (module on the far right) and then switched the A-112 to wavetable mode.
In the first example, the playback speed is set to a low pitch and a slow-sweeping, external LFO (from the mini-synth) acts as a real-time control voltage triggering different parts of the "table." This alters the pitch, causes stuttering (like a CD skipping) and also gives the sample a nasty edge. Even toothier is the second example, where a graph drawn in the MIDI pitchbend control editor on my PC plays different parts of the wavetable, also acting as a sequence of control voltages for the table.
The Reaktor "spring tank" reverb is intermittently mixed in as a plug in effect for the final recorded audio.