"Electro Suite No. 2"

"Electro Suite No. 2" [mp3 removed]

Trying out a variety of effects and modular routings with a handful of hardware devices:
--Doepfer A-112 (sampler): loop function, pitch shift, wavetable function (the klunky pulse at about :24), using an external LFO to alter sample rate/pitch
--Routing VCO of Vermona Perfourmer channel 2 to Doepfer mini-synth external input, then routing two mixed VCOs (Doepfer and Vermona, harmonizing) back to the Vermona's channel 3 for filtering and VCA
--Using the Vermona VCO as a control voltage on the Doepfer mini-synth's ADSR Gate input (don't know what it's doing--a fast tremolo?--but it sounds pretty good)
--Vermona channel 4 for a Les Baxter-ish bassline (didn't know it could do that)
All these elements were recorded, then mixed in Cubase into a "suite"--it's too much of a tossed salad to be a song but there are "recurring themes." Most of the snippets were MIDI-triggered so there are composed (simple) melodies and rhythms; one of the things that's missing on the modular forums is any discussion of music composition (e.g., "I wrote two tunes with different time signatures and different emotional impacts but they worked together") as opposed to electronic engineering and "that effect sounds cool, I'm buying me one of those when I get some money."