Art or Not? Yes

Art or Not is an amusing concept based on the late '90s proto-meme site "Hot or Not." In "Hot or Not" the user rated pictures of girlfriends by clicking a radio button, which then took you to the next picture. It might have been boyfriends, too. With Art or Not there are no limitations placed on what can be rated, in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp, the art and technology websites will soon tell us (it only launched yesterday).
Early indicators suggest the site is easily spammed. Anything with a whiff of "net art" or possible institutional support brings out the usual narcissists and tamperers.
Computers excel at tabulating and number-crunching; we know this. Every commercial social media site promotes ratings of people and things. Art or Not brings this systematic tyranny of the majority to a supposedly sacred realm that has in fact been de-sacralized at least since Pop Art.