Anti-SOPA video

Jeepers Media searched the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and found evidence that the current supporters of the draconian SOPA and PROTECT IP "anti-piracy" laws pushed file-sharing software heavily in the late '90s/early '00s. CNET, now owned by CBS, and other SOPA-supporting "legit" companies, offered a host of downloading tools and encouraged un-tech-savvy users to rip, save and remove DRM controls from copyrighted material, the video alleges.

Why encourage "illegal" downloading and then lobby for prosecutors to have "additional tools" to prosecute downloaders? Jeepers Media suggests a conspiracy by SOPA supporters (i.e., big media and entertainment companies) to gain "control of the internet." Likely it is simple grasping opportunism and nothing as smart as a conspiracy--CBS acquired CNET in 2008 and is using them as a villain now to have favorable laws passed--but lawmakers should be aware of current SOPA advocates' past contributions to so-called infringement.

A Jeepers Media video explains the connections in the style of an obnoxious late-night infomercial. [YouTube]