digital natives etymology

Lauren Cornell's curatorial statement for Professional Surfer, January 2007:

Significantly, some of the featured artists grew up with the web, and aspects of their work chart the digital half-life of pop cultural images or icons from their youth. Others took up the Internet later on, after working with painting or other mediums. In this way, professional surfing is not restricted to a certain generation but shared by all those who engage the overwhelming atmosphere of the web by embroiling themselves deeper in it.

Lauren Cornell, in Even Boring Blogs Are Things of Beauty In Some Artists' Eyes, Wall Street Journal, December 2007:

Some of these Web-inspired works have been included in the recently reopened New Museum's "Unmonumental" exhibition, parts of which are on view at its New York location and others of which can be seen on the site for Rhizome, its new-media affiliate. "This generation really knows the Net," says Lauren Cornell, Rhizome's executive director. "They grew up with it and are, for lack of a better word, native to it."