Speed Show in Ireland

If you are in Dublin, Ireland, tomorrow, July 1, 2012, please drop by the Speed Show at Central Internet Cafe (20h - 22h).
The exhibition title is "Never Gonna GIF You Up" and is curated by Nora O Murchú for the openhere festival. The participant list:

laurel schwulst
sabrina ratté
paula roush
leah beeferman
agathe de trémontels
brandon blommaert
max capacity
tara sinn
daniel leyva
ivan twohig
jessica kelly
benjamin gaulon
mr. gif
lucy chinen
tom moody
nicolas maigret
+more TBC


Nora O Murchú picked some of my dump.fm GIF pairs and I arranged them on an HTML page. The screenshot above is a shrunk-down, non-moving version. Many thanks to her for including my work.

Many people had a hand in the images that ended up in my Four Pairs (2012), but as the electronic duo Voice Farm sang in the 1980s, "It's my idea now."

Update, July 4, 2012: The HTML page I made for the show is Four Pairs, 2012. The optimal screen resolution for viewing is 1280 (w) X 1024 (h) or larger.