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dear fellini's ghost, endless starkly-lit closeups of strange-looking people is not surrealist

dear fellini's ghost, La Dolce Vita is a great movie but 8 1/2 is a self-indulgent rehash, with a pointlessly maudlin ending

Dark Shadows and Total Recall failed at the box office - *whistles happy tune*

the wachowskis were notoriously publicity-shy...until this week's 5000 word fluffy-puffed marshmallow in the New Yorker

just learned (from the NYT) that Conde Nast's parent co. Advance Publications owns Reddit

we're supposed to believe that Conde not micromanaging Reddit is by design rather than just neglect or incomprehension

68 jonesin

The art world (academically vetted system of gallery and museum spaces) will be said to have evolved only when it stops looking back to 1968 and Paris kids running wild in the streets for its touchstones and models. Here it is 2012 and the Vvork website is displaying a "society of the spectacle brickbat" with the bookcover of Debord's classic wrapped around a brick.
There was briefly a possibility of revolution! Art seemed about to change to something de-materialized and free of rotten capitalism!
We know all this, already, but can't escape the moment.