"Kick Variations"

"Kick Variations" [mp3 removed]

A quiet, somewhat ambient piece where I process electronic kick drum sounds with the modular synth. No MIDI, but three separately recorded parts are overtracked, so it's not exactly live, either.

"The Hammond Horror," "Wavetable Bagpipes"

"The Hammond Horror" [mp3 removed]

"Wavetable Bagpipes" [mp3 removed]

Both of these short "noise" works were integrated into an earlier-posted song, "B4 and 4fter (Bongos)."
Am presenting them straight here. These were made with the Doepfer A-112 sampler: a second or two of Hammond organ playing was sampled, and the module converts the sample data into a wavetable format. Then, an external control voltage is sweeping various parts of the table -- you get a very abstract (harsh) synth sound with stuttering as the voltage digs around in the table, moving from one "address" to another and triggering the waveforms. At the same time, this noise still carries the unmistakable Hammond "tonewheel" sound. In the bagpipe-like piece, the stuttering is rhythmic and reminiscent of trills played by that reed instrument. However "good" the finished works may be (and the sound is gnarly) the process still fascinates me.