Richard III: The Short Modern Version

A newspaper editor and a young journalist meet at the water cooler.

E: What are you working on?
YJ: I have to do a "Richard III bones uncovered" story.
E: You better hurry, that one's already all over the web.
YJ: This isn't a breaking story, it's more of a think piece.
E: Ah, the parking lot.
YJ: What?
E: His bones were uncovered in a parking lot. Or as the more Anglophile writers said, a "car park." Or better yet, "a Midlands car park" or "Leicester car park."
YJ: I don't care about any of that rubbish. So what? Old church graveyards get rezoned over the centuries.
E: You're going to have a short career in journalism, my man.
YJ: Why (and please don't call me that)?
E: The story hook, the viral angle, is "the once mighty brought low," or "evilest of villains has ignominious afterlife," however you want to say it. You don't get that if you don't mention the bloody CAR PARK.
YJ: Your "angle" strikes me as ignominiously mediocre.
E: That's the world we live in, my man.