feed me i'm starving

Twice in the last few days someone laughed when I mentioned "checking my stats." Ha ha, that's so 2004.
OK, but when your host expects you to keep your site clean of malware and spoofers ("we are not your parents, or Facebook") one ought to give at least a cursory glance at those numbers to see weird incoming URLs and sudden unexplained traffic spikes. Right? Oh well.

Anyway, I keep seeing this "twitterfeed" BS, and apparently it's just your host's way of telling you that "x number of visits came from links on twitter":


And has nothing to do with this:


As for that bit.ly-owned service ^, why would I want to "feed my blog to twitter"? Is this for folks who can't paste a blog URL into a tweet? Does anyone look for a blog on twitter?
Some people say they use twitter as a substitute RSS reader (e.g, the ancient Google Reader). I've never gotten that. Twitter is chaotic, and you follow people for their amusing daily blather, not for links to their blog posts. I get if you have a blog why you would put up links to your new posts on twitter (though it seems pretty redundant) but why would I "follow" those if I could just follow the blog (in bookmarks or on a reader)? Questions, questions. Obviously if you rely on the Zuckerberg continuum for news none of this means much. This post is for the maverick weirdos interested in carving out a space of partial Zizekian withdrawal from the most egregious aspects of the socialmediasphere (all one of us).