wordpress' accelerated update schedule: charlie parker would hurl

Following Apple (or was it Google), then Firefox, WordPress.org is now on an accelerated update schedule. This locks them into having to think of ways to "improve" the product once a month or so.
Then the hapless user must submit to the ordeal of a full database backup, finger-crossing during the one-click install, then dealing with follow-up releases to fix the updates and broken plugins.
Worst of all, they are now naming releases for famous jazz musicians. Release 3.7 was "Basie"; Release 3.8 (stylistic changes to make Word Press more tablet-friendly) is "Parker."
I posted this comment on the Dreamhost blog, but it's also aimed at Word Press empresario Matt Mullenweg:

So if you don't have a smart phone or tablet and don't care about cosmetic design tweaks, you can skip this release, right?
Was scanning this post and Mullenweg's for any information about security issues, which are the user's main concern, release-wise. Didn't see anything.
Also, calling the release "Charlie Parker" is pretentious. The designers are comparing themselves to genius jazzmen (minus the heroin addiction, money problems, etc.).
You said it all with the phrase "update fatigue."