late picabia five years later


Figure 10: Tom Moody. late picabia, 11/1/09 6:07 am; “charles,” 11/14/09 11:16 am; Tom Moody, 11/14/09 11:27 pm; “charles” 11/15/09 5:21 pm. Digital images from conversation on Nasty Nets Surfing Club

The above recreation of a Nasty Nets thread appears in Mikhel Proulx's paper, The Progress of Ambiguity: Uncertain Imagery in Digital Culture. I made minor corrections to the dates and ordering of images. The first image is an aggressively watermarked stock photo of a woman looking at a 1950 painting by one of the original Dadaists, Francis Picabia. I "found" the ugly stock photo and titled it "late picabia" for NN. Charles Westerman messed with "my" image, I messed with his, etc., leading to Westerman's final "cubist" stage.