The Limited Collection launches today

I have some work in a show organized by La Scatola Gallery (based in London, Berlin, and the internet). Curators Rozsa Zita Farkas and Valentina Fois asked 33 artists each to submit a GIF. A new GIF will be displayed each day on Tumblr over the next month and then the GIFs will be taken down and archived in a limited edition version to be sold by La Scatola (details TBA). The GIFs will continue to circulate on the internet and elsewhere, depending on whim and circumstance, thus avoiding the public relations gaffe of "taking the GIF offline so the collector can have it locally" (which one institution attempted a while back). Having a limited edition documents the moment and the collected nature of the work, although I'm sure skeptics will be ready with the well-worn explanation that "galleries create artificial scarcity." (It's a lot of trouble to go to if that's all they're doing.)

Am not sure yet which day my GIF, Small Universe Model, will appear. Will do an update with a link to it.

Participating artists and curators' statement:

We asked some of the artists we love to send us a gif each. They are artists that use digital tools at various stages in the production of artworks, and occupy online modes of distribution for both presentation and development, of practice and discourse - around the nature of art today and the relations that implicate the artist within these very social economies.
Alexandria McCrosky . Alice Khalilova . Anne de Boer . Arvida Byström . Beth Siveyer . Chris Shier . Christopher Schmidt . Eloïse Bonneviot . Emilie Gervais . Faith Holland . Georges Jacotey . Hanna Nilsson . Jeff Baij . Jenna Sutela . Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach . Lawrence Lek . Leah Beeferman . Maja Malou Lyse . Mary Bond . Niko Princen . Petra Cortright . Rachel Lord . Raquel Meyers . Rob Chavasse . Sabrina Ratté . Samuel Kenswil . Sæmundur Þór Helgason . Sullivan and Flint . Tom Moody . Vanessa Omoregie . Viktor Timofeev . Yuri Pattison

The tumblr version commences here.
La Scatola's site is here.