firefox vlc plugin not updating -- minor note to others with this issue

Minor note to Firefox/VLC users:
The latest version of VLC is 2.1.5. Logically they should rename their browser plugin to conform to this numbering scheme. But they didn't! The npvlc.dll file still says 2.1.3.
So Firefox compares the .dll to the latest version of VLC and again, logically, informs you in the Add-ons tab that your VLC plugin is out-of-date and vulnerable.
When this was pointed out to VLC the developer, RĂ©mi Denis-Courmont, got damn snotty in response:

What part of "This is a Firefox bug" do you not understand?
Complain to Mozilla. At this point, I am closing the discussion. This is a waste of time.

Sometimes "open source" means head up the you-know-what. VLC is clearly in the wrong here. I realize you are volunteers, but update the .dll, please.