cassette documentation


A purchaser of the Home Electro for Fun and Profit LP received his complimentary audio cassette version and sent this photo of the cassette being played. Classy -- the Nakamichi 600 was an audiophile cassette player of the '70s-'80s and still pops up on eBay. In fact eBay has its own consumer reviews page where it talks about Nakamichi decks as if this were still the '70s. This is a strange historical moment, where one wing of the capitalist bloodsucking machine is telling us our gear is obsolete and we need to have the latest hard rectangle in our pants pocket if we are to be anyone, while another wing is extracting the last drop of value out of superseded state of the art devices, making it possible for something like a cassette underground to continue to exist.

As mentioned earlier, cassettes are still being manufactured, and Sam Ash, B&H Photo and other retailers are still selling the Tascam brand of cassette recorder, so this subculture is not based entirely on recycled media and electronics (yet).