old media roundup

Dinosaur, or soon to be dinosaur, products still being made and/or sold:

National Audio Company - High bias Chrome Plus audio cassette tape -- NAC's "own Audio Pro brand of labeled professional blank cassettes." Company based in Springfield MO that decided to stay in the cassette business and are apparently doing OK. Tapes come in 10-pack boxes. NAC has another version of this high-bias tape that you can print your own labels for, as well as all the supplies needed to print labels and "j-card" sleeves.

TASCAM audio cassette decks. Still being manufactured/sold.

MAM-A Gold CD-R - 650mb White Inkjet, Cake (50). CDs aren't quite as musty as cassettes but clearly on the way out, in favor of USB, or whatever incompatible standard Apple uses (thunderfuck? something like that). I've been mulling over DIY music marketing and bought some of these printable gold discs for prospective buyers -- the inket printing is good and supposedly these will last. Another US (!) company, based in Colorado Springs, CO.

JVC 17" Multi-Format CRT Color HDTV / SDTV Video Editing Monitor (not cheap - $1900) - "ideal for TV producers, broadcasters, & video pro's processing movie stock captured at 24 frames p.s" - a few of these are still being offered for sale new, despite being discontinued by JVC. That company looks to be completely out of the CRT business. LCD and LED etc flatscreens are certainly more convenient but they don't look as good as that ol' TV glow. This was a case of market forces completely overturning aesthetic considerations, with amazing speed.