pre post analog


Katherine Grayson, Value Study #1, 2004, collage and ink on paper, 8 X 5 inches (detail).

The above work appeared in the Cory and Jamie Arcangel-organized "Infinite Fill Show," at Foxy Production in NYC in 2004.
Here's how yrs truly described it at the time:

The artist makes her own zipatone with printed out, cut out fill patterns. The piece has a very hands-on, day camp feel to it, at odds with the computer element, which is supposedly so "cold" (at least to the cult of the hand that still thrives in the art world).

Ah, the twisty turns of history. The Infinite Fill Show, an early incarnation of what is now being called "Post Internet," received much press but generated no sales of artwork for the gallery. After exhibiting the above digital print (collage), Grayson went on to run The Hole gallery, which now shows post analog painting, a kind of reified, gallery-friendly version of digital art.