Curbed Convolution (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce a new Bandcamp release titled Curbed Convolution.

Liner notes by "Ralph Frisson, Unfrozen Jazz Critic":

The redacted particles of modern music ... No vocals (this is not Phil Collins) ... Puns, applied repetition ...Cultivated noise blasts and fragments of rave dreams ... Arithmetical organization, no hidden tricks, every track and decision is audible ... Groovebox paradiddles ... Bass so deep it can't be heard on your phone or laptop ... Punk atavism ... Synth modules, default beats from pricy hobby kaffeeklatches ... Concise, no elaboration or indulgent jamming ... This is ... Curbed Convolution.

Your support in the form of buying the LPs or songs is very encouraging, but all the material can be streamed. A cassette version is available!

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