a friendly little note from my agent

This arrived via email today from Bandcamp, where I've been digitally busking:

Over the next week or two, we're rolling out an important change here at Bandcamp. Rather than payments for digital transactions going from the fan directly to you, those payments will be processed by Bandcamp and then paid out to you within 24 hours (higher-value transactions may take a bit longer to arrive). Our revenue share is not changing, and you'll continue to receive payments via your PayPal account. There is no action necessary on your part.

We've officially moved from the "too good to be true" phase of Bandcamp (the buyer's funds went directly to the artist's pocket and the agent took its cut after a certain number of purchases) to the "you'll get paid, I promise, I just need to hang onto the money a little longer" phase.
Bandcamp's "about" page does still claim that:

We continue to work tirelessly to build an enduring service, one that treats artists fairly, puts them in control, and is integral to them building sustainable careers. This approach has earned us our most valuable asset: trust.

Will be watching for subtle changes in that wording in the coming months. In the meantime, will be looking into setting up a "store" on tommoody.us for music sales, so the artist doesn't have to wait to be paid by some Silicon Valley dreamer whose angels are getting anxious. If that's too much trouble will return to posting mp3 links, this time accompanied by a big ugly graphic that says MR. TIP JAR with a link to my email.