Forest Blob installation shots

Honey Ramka gallery has posted some installation shots from the "Control Panel" exhibition. Below is Forest Blob (a projected version of this animated GIF). A gallerygoer also Instagrammed it.


Below is an installation shot showing more of the work:


"Control Panel" is open through Aug. 2, at 156 Bogart in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A panel discussion of the show will be held this Saturday, July 25, at 4 pm -- more on that soon.

what did you mean by what you meant

Someone asked "what is the deal with these Computers R Stupid posts?"
Three components:

Computers not working as well as claimed, technically.
It's one thing when John Henry is replaced by a steam-powered railroad spike driver that's actually faster than he is. It's something else when he is replaced because a company merely claims that in a press release.

Computers (including social media) impeding communication.
Twitter is regularly mined as a news source when anyone who has used it can tell you it is a misunderstanding machine due to the character limit and terrible threading of conversations.

Computer mistakes and limitations providing fertile ground for artwork.