my private position is "you stink"

The text of Hillary Clinton's lucrative speeches is finally coming to light (TYT reads them aloud on YouTube). Inspired by Steven Spielberg's portrayal of Lincoln (!) she believes that as a politician "you need a public and a private position." So when she says at the Democratic Convention that she opposes the TPP trade bill, you can assume that privately she'll do everything in her power to get it passed. Another grabber is her complaint that when people "with successful and complicated lives" come to Washington they have to divest assets. She sees this attempt to prevent bias as "onerous and unnecessary." She also admits to bankers that she is "far removed" from middle class life because of "the fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy." Fortunes, indeed. In a leaked email her campaign manager admits that Bill Clinton accepted a million dollar contribution from a Keystone Pipeline supporter. (An earlier estimate of the Clintons' haul from "speaking fees" since the early 2000s was $153 million.)

Hillary-voting friends say they "don't want to look at Clinton's evil right now." We should all vote for evil because it's strategic, or something.
Other friends were quick to accept the spin that the Russians were meddling in the US campaign (as if that has anything to do with the substance of the emails). Because some security experts say they backtraced it.