"Discontinued Beatbox"

"Discontinued Beatbox" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Made with the Elektron Octatrack, Elektron Machinedrum, and recorded and mixed in Ardour (Linux version). Only the Machinedrum has actually been discontinued but I like the title. This a bricolage song in that it consists of scraps from earlier (mostly modular) synth tunes, and homemade kits cobbled from various instruments. One loop is recent -- the Helm softsynth, recorded in Ableton and transferred to the Octatrack via flash drive. Also in the mix are some SuperKicks by Inspektor Gadjet, downloaded from the Internet.
One problem with the Octatrack is the eight tracks get used up pretty quickly and its a pain to mix them down or use alternate samples via "parameter locks." Having the discontinued Machinedrum was a way to add extra tracks, with the two boxes running in sync via MIDI.

Update: Re: "eight tracks get used up pretty quickly" on the Octatrack. Wrong. I wasn't understanding how "parts" work. An Octatrack guide by Merlin [pdf] explains it much better than the manual.