lathe cut photography



Attempts to photograph a clear vinyl lathe cut disc by experimental/noise musician James Twig Harper.
I own this disc and wanted to see if I could get accurate documentation of it to post on Discogs' entry for the work (Untitled, 2012)
Discogs describes the piece as:

Double Offset 2, Freeform Lathe cut on clear Acrylic w/ 2 holes. Edition of 20.

This means there are two "tracks" -- one on each side of the disc. The bands of grooves on each side are lined up un-concentrically relative to each other, which you can see because the disc is clear. One of the punch holes lines up concentrically with a track on one side and the other punch hole lines up concentrically with the track on the other side, making each side playable on a turntable. The vinyl slab is crudely cut into an irregular polygon. Soundwise, the tracks appear to be vocals yelled into microphone and amplified into pure distortion, so that the unrecognizable speech acts as an oscillator.