"Recombinant Youth" (CD-R design)


Am gradually adding "merch" to my Bandcamp page, to show my commitment to production and the capitalist system.
The above release from 2014, Recombinant Youth, also received the cassette treatment:



For future CD releases, am attempting mini-jewel cases with artwork but will probably continue to list tracks on the disc itself.

Update, November 2020: The MAM-A company (recently sold to an outfit in Chattanooga called WTS Media) changed the design of their CD-Rs and no longer offer an edge-to-edge white printing surface on their gold discs. Now there is an obnoxious, bling-y 3mm gold rim around the white. I am rethinking my CD-R design for future releases and took down the CD above from Bandcamp, since I won't be making more copies with that design.