"Imaginedgy" - notes

Production notes for "Imaginedgy," from the Terra Organization LP:


uncropped screenshot of Tracktion Waveform page

The rather hideous title (originally a placeholder but so awful I decided to keep it) is a portmanteau of the song's main components: the 8-bit synth module Edges and the "Imagina" series of commercial drum loops from Tracktion. The idea was to meld geeky with urban cool, arcade with triphop, etc etc
So about half the tracks above are drum beats from a live drummer, manicured and FX-ed in various ways, and half are sequenced riffs from videogame-y Eurorack modules: in addition to Edges (which ended up not being used very much if at all), these include the SIDGuts and SIDGuts Deluxe.
Other additions are the RetroMod Fat softsynth playing some quasi-jazzy, seventh-style chords and a bassline wav from the Octatrack libary.
The piece starts out "slow and cool" and then speeds up for no reason to reach the heavily flanged climax!