Old school blogger Roy Edroso (Alicublog) hasn't been very good post-2016 -- he seems not to understand the populist rejection of the Dem slate -- but I enjoyed this ridiculing of the New York Times trying to come to grips with Joe Rogan. The Times says "Imagine if I had told you, a dozen years ago, that the former host of 'The Fear Factor,' a [mixed martial arts] color commentator who loves cool cars and shooting guns and working out, a guy with a raw interview show featuring comedians, athletes and intellectuals, was more influential than the entire slate of hosts on CNN. You’d think I was nuts. But it’s true. His fans are everywhere — I’ve met them working behind the register and wearing loafers at hedge funds." Edroso quips: "Wow, lazy signifiers for the high and the low -- he sounds even cooler than Cool Kids' Philosopher Ben Shapiro! I've only seen about 10 minutes of Rogan rappin' with Elon Musk, and he seemed to me not to have advanced much from his days watching people eat bugs. But maybe I'm just prejudiced. Who am I to judge?"