study in contrasts

Rock critic Simon Reynolds (a British writer who seems to have "gone Hollywood" since moving to the LA) is ecstatic at the thought of a Biden presidency:

Tried to put down some thoughts on the events of the past week, but I don't really have thoughts, just feelings. Relief, joy, hope, elevation... a sensation of lightness, the lifting off and away of an immense heavy shadow. All the things everyone else is feeling. Well, except for the people who are feeling the opposite - and who are still with us, still alarmingly numerous, still implacably lost. But let's not dwell on that right now... let's stay in the glow as long as we can.

The post where this appears is titled "Landslidin' with Biden" -- wait, what landslide?

Meanwhile, Russiagate skeptic Raúl Ilargi Meijer reminds us that Biden is The Swamp and will bring all the oozy creatures back with him (to the extent they ever left). Go back to sleep, nothing to see here, etc.