retired CD-R design


The MAM-A company (recently sold to an outfit in Chattanooga called WTS Media) changed the design of their CD-Rs and no longer offer an edge-to-edge white printing surface on their gold discs, as seen above. Now there is an obnoxious, bling-y 3mm gold rim around the white. I am rethinking my CD-R design for future releases, since I won't be making more copies with that design.

more on the great reset (so-called) and fourth industrial revolution (so-called)

Wrong Kind of Green examines the "social dilemma," not so much the Netflix movie (probably best avoided) but the way Big Social aims to turn the planet into a micromanaged, globalist, resource-extracting hell, using "humane technology" propaganda as cover. (Much as King Leopold of Belgium milked the Congo under the banner of humanitarianism.)

• The mighty Zuck worries that low population growth in the US dooms his company, which requires a steady supply of suckers being born, so he's turned his dead, pasty face towards Africa, which promises a baby explosion in the years ahead.

• It's hard to beat these people. While you are having your morning coffee, enjoying life, they are up and about, thinking of new ways to exploit you. Hitler was like that, too, but somehow Gates, Bezos, and Zuckerberg get a pass. Tessa Fights Robots summarizes Wrong Kind of Green's arguments nicely. She shades into Covid paranoia, but the pandemic has turned about to be a better, more pressing emergency than global warming, for purposes of advancing the techno-kleptocratic agenda, so it doesn't hurt to be a bit skeptical.