art publications - bibliography

Some art books are going into boxes -- how to find them again? This form of bibliography emerged:

A. Artist (alphabetical by last name)
1. Book about artist
2. "Artist's book"
3. Catalog of single artist exhibition
4. Artist biography
5. Book of artist interviews
6. Book of artist writings (e.g., Robert Smithson, Vassily Kandinsky)
7. Documentation of artist projects (e.g., Claes Oldenburg Store Days)

B. Exhibition (alphabetical by exhibit title)
1. Catalog of group show
2. Catalog of "theme" show
3. Auction catalog

C. Book about art (alphabetical by author)
1. Theory
2. Survey
3. Essay collection
4. How-to guide
5. Journalism (e.g., Naked by the Window)

D. Periodical (alphabetical by publication title, chronological within publication)
1. Magazine
2. Zine
3. Gallery guide
4. Directory (e.g., AiCA annual list of art critics)