Animated GIFs in gallery

installation room-sized animated GIFs

Unofficial installation shot of my exhibition last year, "Room-Sized Animated GIFs"--artMovingProjects gallery director Aron Namenwirth talks to unidentified foot. These two GIFs aren't room-sized, obviously. I hate to pat myself on the back too hard but you gotta give us credit for having the balls to use the words "animated GIFs" in a New York exhibition title. Most writers, curators, and collectors here are very, very elderly and think GIFs are something you give each other for Christmas. Of course, these 2 were burned to DVD rather than appearing on their native Internet, so I'm at least as guilty of fogey-ism as MOMA, which recently did a "Web 2.0 show" despite a museum policy barring use of the Net in the galleries--that is to say, there is no actual Web art in the show. The guards might be tempted to surf porn during those long, lonely hours of standing.