My kingdom for a copy editor; Gonzales out finally

greenwald goofs

The above mangling of English screen-captured from Salon this morning.

Regarding Alberto Gonzales' belated resignation, this was posted on my Digital Media Tree blog before the Senate foolishly confirmed him:

This page joins in solidarity with all the others who oppose the Senate confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General of the U.S. The memo he wrote approving the torture of U.S. military prisoners will eventually earn him a place in one of those netherworld resorts Dante excelled at describing, but in the meantime, let's do what we can to keep him out of high office. One thing I wonder is, why don't any mainstream, non-Fundamentalist churches (Episcopalians, Lutherans, etc.) speak out in protest that sexual humiliation, immersion in buckets of water, and other Inquisition-like horrors to elicit "information" has become the official policy of the U.S.? Were Jesus' teachings just about making people feel mellow? War or no war, this is bad for all of us.

post-Sleepover wrapup 1

sleepover - scott kellum photo

This report on the Sleepover from Scott Kellum's blog offers a good no-BS account:

Over at Eyebeam this past Friday there was a great internet sleep-over. Many web surfing clubs showed their stuff. The "dirty" style was everywhere with ultra bright colors and trippy animated GIFs in pages that look like your mom, the dog enthusiast, designed. Projectors were pointed every which way and a seminar was held at which the groups discussed what exactly their web art was about.
While this particular style is not one I particularly follow, or even enjoy that much being the CSS guy that I am I did gain a new found appreciation for it. There is an irony behind this web art and a humor of re-appropriating the stuff found on the deepest, darkest, and strangest corners of the web to pull them deeper into the absurd.

See also his flickr set. In the photo above, someone I don't know is using my PC (the copper-colored laptop). Possibly because it is the only non-Apple product in the room.