a couple of moronic remixes

Below: two previously-posted songs, remixed to be louder and punchier.
Not so much so they could *be* loud but so more of the sound comes through at low volume.
Was talking recently with someone who studied music and produces and DJs tunes; the subject was goals.
For him the pleasure of creation is rooted in performance and audience response in the here and now.
Maybe because I come from a painting background I think of music as a portable commodity very detached from an author/performer.
My ideal "stage" would be Winamp or (ugh) iTunes with a selection of these tunes (or musical objects, as one person called them) in rotation, probably at low volume, playing through bookshelf speakers or computer speakers. That's how I generally "consume" them.
Including remixes and collaborations I'm now up to 250 tunes--that's eleven or twelve hours of "low tech sonic tapestry."
The person I was talking to described what I'm doing as "bedroom/internet"--sounds good to me.

"More Marching Morons (Mix 2)"

"Marching Morons (Loud)"

Update: After hearing several of my tunes through a club PA in October 2007, I changed my mind about this issue, and will be gradually be removing some of the "loud" mixes, starting with these. Through a decent amp/speakers the "volume maximized" tracks are too out of whack and don't have any presence at all.