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Photos "live" from the Great Internet Sleepover, organized by Bennett Williamson, at Eyebeam art & technology center last night. Paddy Johnson can be seen in the top photo posting the following words: "A discussion panel moderated by Marisa Olson, and including Michael Bell-Smith and Tom Moody was mediated by a noisy crowd who didn’t give a shit. Needless to say, nobody managed to come to any conclusions about whether this is a scene (a word I suspect was being used in lieu of movement, a term so unfashionable no contemporary artist wants their name attached to it.)" It wasn't as bad as all that--although rude NYC crowds never cease to amaze. Owing to the Ringling Bros. nature of the event, it was difficult to quiet the noise makers in Ring No. 2 while a serious intellectual discussion was happening in Ring No. 1. Thanks to Jeff Sisson for his projected surfing during the panel; it helped to have visuals from the various surfing crews onscreen while the panelists were talking.

Sleepover 2

The evening had a "demo scene" aura, from what I know of those from films and photos. A pleasant chaos of people doing and trying out many things simultaneously. Projected video, music, and various connectivity and cam experiments kept the room buzzing from 8 pm till the wee hours when people started crashing on couches or drifting home. Excellent music and DJing throughout; these photos so far artfully haven't revealed the jamming going on.

Cab & Jamie at TGISO

Immediately above, from CAB on the Supercentral RSS feed: "jamie and I trying (and failing) to represent at the internet sleepover."

Update: Am adding to this post over the course of a groggy Saturday. Artist and artMovingProjects gallerist Aron Namenwirth has posted some more photos of the event. Pics of the panel and Sisson manning the "projection booth" begin five images down, after photos of Bit Shifter and others performing at the Tank the same night.

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