"Cursum Perficio (Carl Craig-like Mix)"

"Cursum Perficio (Carl Craig-like Mix)" [mp3 removed]

A midi version of an Enya tune (originally found on Guthrie Lonergan's blog no. 4) done in the manner of "second generation" Detroit techno guy Carl Craig, sort of. The midi track mostly featured piano and string instruments. (Update: one should always Google--I thought the tune was Lonergan's but he was being ironic. Sorry, Guthrie.)

Speaking of Carl Craig, Simon Reynolds wrote about him in Generation E. This is almost mean but really nails the music:

With its open-hearted yearning and twinkling textures, "Elements" conjured up the image of a lonely boy moping in his bedroom studio, mixing his lo-tech palette of tone colors with his teardrops to paint exquisite audio watercolors. There were shades of electro-calligraphic brushwork of Thomas Leer, Japan, and Sylvian/Sakamoto. This wasn't party-hard music but the pensive frettings of one of life's wallflowers. Six Nine's "Desire" features a keening synth melody that soars up and slides down the octave in fitful lurches. Released under Carl's own name, "At Les" is even more moistly melancholy, its trickle-down synth pattern sounding like glistening teardrops rolling down a cheek.

I can barely hit "publish" for my sobs, reading that.

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