death metal legibility

Speaking of metal, nice collection of signage from ilia at loshadka, under the caption "death metal legibility." Loshadka is a very visually oriented "surf club" (note scare quotes, MSNBC): see also thomas's posts. Nice stuff. Not to slight any of the other members--it's all worth a look.

Banks Violette

Banks Violette's House:

Banks Violette House

Banks Violette's Garage:

Violette Garage

This art world in-joke brought to you by the curators of the Whitney Museum ("We need an acceptable Goth"), Team Gallery ("Your Gallery for Youth Culture"), and Barbara Gladstone Gallery ("I need me some of that youth culture"). I remember Violette's first show at Momenta--it looked like metal band art. Now it looks like a cross between Steve Parrino and Steve Parrino. At least he has good gods.

"Suite 6 (Ambient Dub)"

"Suite 6 (Ambient Dub)" [mp3 removed]

Took a random section from an earlier tune, created a six bar loop, and processed it two ways: with heavy compression and EQ and less compression but echo effects. Faded the loops in and out. Superimposed a four bar ambient pad with semi-random start times relative to the loops. Voila, music. It's not really "ambient" except at low volume--up high it's pretty raucous.