sketch_a7 notes

A few notes on the previous "sketch"--not really a sketch, more of a finished "internet painting." A photo of a Technics turntable platter-edge is "sampled" and repeated in MSPaint to make an allover pattern. I didn't want to use Photoshop--it was important to struggle with it so it had a rough, patched together quality. There is a lot of extraneous cutting and pasting and blending at the pixel level so the metallic surface would become more organic, like tree bark or reptile skin or something. The "foreground" imagery is two HTML pieces by Chris Ashley that were damaged by being reproduced incorrectly in the Bloglines RSS reader. The red triangle pattern reads like a monogram on a shirt front and could be frames of a breaking or mending heart, depending on whether you read it from top or bottom. The blue pattern was copied, stretched, and pasted several times to make columns in a vague counter-rhythm to the turntable texture.