Sleepover Comment

Comment to be inserted near the end of Paddy's Sleepover thread:

I didn't grow up with the Internet but when I saw the words "Per the comment regarding 'remedial' postcolonial critiques I found this lecture on youtube very instructive" with a hyperlink I knew I was about to get punk'd. The RickRoll was kinda sorta funny (for something that originated on 4Chan--duckrolling that is) but too much has been made of it in the aftermath. Let's face it, the source of the humor was "Hey professor what da ya mean with all them big words" and all the subsequent high-fiving derailed a legit discussion about an NN post. Back to that subject, I believe "Native" could be evaluated also in light of some work shown at the gallery of the individual who posted it (right hand column). It suggests at least a more nuanced view of the representation of native peoples than "deprecation." I know b. backed off that argument--would that the "critics of the critic" could give his thoughts the props of actually responding to them. It might mean using the Firefox toolbar and some research sources. I'm not embarrassed to admit I had to remind myself that subaltern meant subordinate.