More on class indicators online

Olia Lialina has added to her Vernacular Web 2 article with some discussions about class, notably Danah Boyd's analysis of American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace.

Lialina believes Boyd's argument will be dated soon because

[o]n the 18th of August, a service for glittering profile graphics, already owning the hearts of all “glitzy” users, announced that "Facebook users can now join the Blingee fever. Send your Blingees to your Facebook profile, and get your friends to browse and rate your Blingees directly from your Facebook profile!"

Facebook is one of those things I've been avoiding because of the sign-in requirement. With Flickr and Myspace you can at least surf the content without "joining." The "exclusivity" is a class indicator right there, bling or no bling. I may have turned off my comments but I still have some democratic impulses.

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Update: drx informs me that Facebook is opening itself up to limited content searches. Great, I really, really need to know what people look like.