streaming prog

Recommended: progarchives' Canterbury scene and Krautrock pages. Each has a selection of mp3s in streaming flash audio (entire songs, well chosen)--the utility displays the LP cover for the tune that is playing. These mp3s have been on the site for a while but this is a convenient way to listen to them and I suppose gets around intellectual property hassles. Interesting that Netherlands band Supersister is prominently grouped with Canterbury but musically it's undeniable. Great to hear Pudding en Gisteren on the internet. Had not heard of their album Superstarshine before.

William Gibson quote

Somehow missed this Wm. Gibson quote the first time around, supposedly from the late '80s: "The future is already here; it's just not evenly distributed." From a WaPo interview about his new book. The interview is slightly lame in that the reporter emailed Wired and Bruce Sterling and asked for questions to ask Gibson.