Spam Blogs

Getting a lot of incoming links from fake blogs, suddenly. Usually Word Press. The title is something like "A Blog About Video" or "Photoshop Blog" with posts that say "So and so had a great post today about..." With a link to us poor pitiful fucks trying to do the right thing. It's unlikely these "blogs" are gaming Google's ranking system but they are certainly gaming Technorati, which treats them as legit (at least initially). First referer log spam, then comment spam, now whole blogs of spam. One can't help but be nostalgic for the Web before it was all robots and petty criminal robot wranglers.

Cai Guo-Qiang*

Comment yrs truly left on Paddy Johnson's blog:

Check out the slick video of the artist making a "gunpowder drawing" on the New York Times video page (linked to in Roberta Smith's article). Talk about your Asian stereotypes. It's like the Hans Namuth film of Pollock making a painting done in the style of the '70s TV show Kung Fu. With gratuitous slo-mo!

I have seen the future of the Web and it is bad TV.

A discussion of the artist's horrible "flying wolves" installation is here. One good thing about not having comments enabled is no one can say "see how much conversation this work is generating" when the work is, in fact, bad.

*pronounced "sigh gwo-chee-ang" per the Times