vork twitter annotated

guthrie has been narrating Vvork on Twitter. He's having a hard time keeping up with the site that has more art than there are people on Earth so I added some captions today. Some of these are his and some are mine. I realize this defeats the "presentness" of Twitter, oh well:

Apollo 11 on a scale of 1:1 made of wood
sculpture reconstruction of the "oldest piece on earth" rock
photogrid of blue collar Asian males
two email programs out of office autoreply each other
web page where page can be turned like physical page
pretty ethno-geographic photos of unidentifed nature and ruins
3d architectural model art
black and white flavinlike installations that look like graphics
solid grey smashed car
various materials stuffed into freestanding cabinet like Tetris
ordinary objects piled to create art in ordinary settings (photographed and blanked out)
bright light spins around room
2000 white books installed in public libraries
photos taken in russia by westerner
art with two motorcycle helmets connected back to back
astronaut on knees (sculpture)
photos of people holding signs with text photoshopped out
metallic mushroom cloud (sculpture) about 6 hours ago from web
sculpture of man standing, metal, headless, with bumps on back and lower left leg
black sculptures of woman standing, different levels of polygon simplification, shiny
bus with funhouse mirror sides, party inside
reflective sculpture, abstract
artist raises floor in hallway
wall projection of ants (green)
photographic reproductions of works by internationally known artists, downloaded from the internet, printed at original size and sold
artist arranged library books with "modern" in the title
artist hung library books with faded covers on wall
things hung from ceiling, lights
art with dudes walking on beach (black and white)
log cabin installed in gallery (with figure)
giant LED clock shows only "beautiful times"
backwards running clock hangs above mirroring water surface, appears to run forward
trip sequence from "2001" ten times, offset by a frame

This list will be supplemented if there is any spare time today.