work in progress

sketch_c6 - pre-taping

I'm thinking of this structure as a "parapainting," much like the parabuildings added on to New York buildings to increase the rentable square feet. (example) To make the buckyball a permanent addition I'm inlaying paper that fills the negative spaces, an idea I got from Seth Price. Eventually the paper will be taped from the back but to get it off the wall I'm joining it with temporary strips of very low-tack paper tape. The poorly cut edges of the paper will not be a problem once the strips of gummed framer's tape are applied from the back--it is a magical material that turns bad seams into beautiful ones.

sketch_c6 pinned

sketch_c6 taped

sketch_c6 - studio progress

Dividers, Not Uniters

2 types of divisive people in the culture sphere:

1. Loudmouths who say what they think about artwork and institutions but have no power to change them except through argument. If challenged in person or online, they will do everything they can to persuade you but will admit an incorrect fact or badly formed opinion.

2. Apparently cheerful people who wield real power but never say anything substantive when challenged. They prefer the megaphone of institutional authority and behind the scenes decisions that have career consequences for others.

Which kind of divider are you?