sketch_c6 (work in progress)

sketch_c6 GIF

This is a sketch of something I'm working on in my studio. Most of the pieces like this I've been posting aren't permanent. They are photographed and disassembled, or part of the structure is left on the wall to be used in the next piece. The one above is a sketch of what's up now. I'm not currently in the studio so I'm working on it elsewhere in MSPaint. I saved it as a GIF which is why it's so pixelated. Anyway, I'm thinking I will make this a permanent piece, which means inlaying white paper in the interstitial spaces of the molecule and then taping the whole thing together with strips of linen tape on the back. I've been missing making quilty physical objects. The "painting" part started as a test sheet where a family member was painting with his daughter and using the heavy paper to wipe his brushes. I added some brushy molecules and glued down photocopied spheres. I mainly like the contrast between the rigid molecule and the "expressive" painting, which stands in for the disposable product packaging that often appears in these constructions.