a new kind of landscape

An internet abstract painting:

Landscape, by Borna Sammak

A field of animated "paint strokes" that appear to be digital samples from landscape images--sprays of foliage, reflections on water, hunks of sky. They bear the traces of removal from whatever photo source they came from--specifically a jagged white pixelated outline surrounding each form. The "painting" consists of one all-over rectangular field of these patchy shapes, moving down and to the right. While this is happening, horizontal and vertical bands consisting of daisy chains of individual, like patches sweep down and across the rectangular field in a slow, jerky videogame-like crawl. Several of these bands are moving simultaneously and independently of each other like marchers in a halftime game. This is an atomized, media-derived experience of nature, formally complex and Pollock-like but unromanticized. It is on a large scale so as to fill a web browser. Every viewer's experience will be different depending how their computer handles the data in random access memory. This is an elite, highbrow style of art made accessible and entertaining with animation bells and whistles, widely distributable so everyone can enjoy it on their laptops.