Hardcore and Gear

blog to the oldskool highlights hardcore/jungle tracks from the early '90s. (via blissblog)
See, e.g. hardcore versions of Enya (only really liked the first one, by DJ Trace, but whoa).
In a post on my old blog from 3 years ago, was wondering what gear/software the jungle producers used (it came up in the context of current trackers using samples).

Here is a list from an interview with Bay B Kane, UK oldskool hardcore/junglist from 91-96:

--my mixing desk was a 24 into 8 into 2 SECK with a totally silent phantom power unit…i really loved that mixer.
--AKAI S900 and an S950, giving me 16 separate sample outputs
--Roland JUNO1 as my main keyboard and midi controller
--Alesis Qudraverb and a Midiverb II for effects
--KORG M1 rack module
--ATARI-STFM computer which I ran strictly and only CUBASE on for sequencing and arrangements

Part 3 of the interview, about his departure from the scene, is also interesting.