Delaware, Zom Zoms

From Japan, Delaware presents an iPhone/iPodTouch application: "Records001" ($1.99)
A small spinning vinyl record appears on the touchscreen, which can be "scratched" with your fingertips while an infectious Vocaloid-esque ditty plays. Even if you are not a participant in the Steve Jobs conspiracy it's fun to watch the video: [.m4v file that might play in your Quicktime]

Somewhat related, check out the Zom Zoms CD Lumbobo's Tube on Mutant Sounds. Great Devo/Residents-ish synth punk from Austin ca. 2003. Saw them in NY a few years ago, and, like, posted about them on my blog. Lumbobo's lacks the pop finesse of their later work; it's mostly slight Casio tunes and spoken/mumbled vocals with occasional jangly guitar or bass licks. But the whole is unpredictable, dissonant, and bracingly primitive.