"Pitch Lesson"

"Pitch Lesson" [mp3 removed]

Made a chart with all the pitches and their equivalent frequencies so I could teach myself EQ-ing (most equalizers use frequencies and was tired of looking at numbers that meant nothing to me). Then made a grid in Cubase with all the pitches between C-1 and B9, recorded it, and used various equalizers to see if I could selectively eliminate pitches.

After that exercise, I cut up my pitch grid into loops, added a kick and ambient percussion, and the above tune resulted.

[Here's the table:

C-1 - 8 hertz
C0 - 16
C1 - 32
C3 - 65
C4 - 130 - Middle C
A above Middle C - concert tuning - 440 hertz
C5 - 523
C6 - 1046 (1.046 kilohertz)
C7 - 2093 (2 khz)
C8 - 4186 (4.1 khz)
C9 - 8372 (8.3 khz)
C10 - 16744 (16 khz)
E above C10 - 21 khz (teenagers hanging around 7-11 parking lots can hear this when the proprietor turns it on to get rid of them)]