Some Notes on "Gradient Circle (Crushed)"

Didn't want to "explain" that GIF in the same post, so this is a "related text."
Photoshop always goes haywire when resizing the "crosshatching" of 1-bit (monochrome) MSPaint drawings. I think the program's trying to make a nice smooth photographic image and the grids confuse some algorithmic averaging process (just a guess). There are "tipping points" where the image partially disappears or goes black, or turns into various-sized checkerboards.
I changed the size of Gradient Circle (or rather, a single still frame from that earlier black and white GIF) in Photoshop's "view" mode 14 times (more or less equal steps from small to large) and took a screenshot each time.
The screenshots, unaltered, are the GIF frames for the "Gradient Circle (Crushed)" GIF.
Thus are the bugs turned into features of interesting (to me) chaotic patterns, and art is made about how previous art has been unintentionally messed up in reproduction.